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About Sterling Silver Buyers

About Us

The Owner of Sterling Silver Buyers has been buying hundreds of millions of sterling silver flatware and hollowware since 1972.  
We always engage every  potential transaction with the utmost care and attention.  

We believe 100% in honesty, trustworthiness and expertise.

When we quote on your silverware we make fair and competitive offers.

We give our offers for free at no charge and we never use any form of
high pressure tactics to convince you to sell.

You can always trust us to be confidential and honest.


Our Story

Sterling Silver Buyers is owned by Greg Arbutine who has been in the silver buying industry since 1972.   When Greg's father retired from the United States Air Force in 1972, the Master Sergeant opened a small coin shop in Belleair Bluffs, Florida.   Over the years, the numismatics store branched off into the jewelry and also the sterling silver flatware matching business.  


Since age 8, Greg was fascinated with the business and worked part time hours until age 22.   When Greg graduated from The University of South Florida with his Bachelor's Degree in Science specializing in Business Administration, he decided to go all in with family silver business and work there full time and make this his life's work and vocation.

At age 25, Greg's mother recognized his huge contributions to the business and his incredible talents and made him the CEO of the silver side of the corporations.    Greg led the companies into a 32 year era of unparalleled resounding success.    


During those decades,  Greg purchased hundreds of millions of dollars of pre-owned sterling silverware and hollowware items including famous makers and silversmiths like Tiffany, Georg Jensen, Buccellati, Gorham, Reed & Barton, Lunt, International, Alvin, Towle, Wallace, Kirk Stieff,  and many other great brand names of silver.     Greg also helped millions of customers to start their sets of silverware and locate their

missing pieces to their existing silver patterns.

In 2021, Greg decided to sell his half of the original family business to his brother and decided to relocate from Florida to Utah where he and his husband and son would enjoy their passions for

hiking, the performing arts, snow skiing and traveling.

Even though Greg was set for life and didn't have to work another day ever again if he didn't want to,

Greg still had an undying strong and deep passion for silver industry and for buying and selling.

He decided to jump back into the industry and set up his own company out west.

Thus, was the birth of Sterling Silver Buyers and its parent company 
The Silver Museum.

If you are interested in having a 50+ veteran of the silverware industry appraise your silverware and give you an honest evaluation and fair and competitive quote to purchase from you, then Greg is the expert you have been looking for!   We purchase from anywhere within the United States and sometimes even  Internationally.
Send Greg an inventory of your silver along with any pictures you want to provide.

Typically  Greg will respond to you within 48-72 hours with his trustworthy offer.

To get a silver quote, please email:


Thank You!

DSC_2914 copy.jpg
Greg Arbutine of Sterling Silver Buyers

Greg Arbutine

Owner and CEO

Sterling Silver Buyers

Business Hours

We are technically open 24/7 to our national customers, but if you are local to us in Utah, we do maintain the following business hours for walk in customers and sellers:
Monday         1-2pm
Tuesday         4-5pm

Wednesday   1-2pm

Thursday        4-5pm

Friday             1-2pm
Closed Saturdays and Sundays

We can be available at almost any other time and day
of the week by appointment.   We also do house calls.

It is also a good idea before visiting us  to double check on Google by searching "The Silver Museum LLC business hours" to make sure we are not gone on a trip or closed for the holidays.    The Silver Museum is the parent company to Sterling Silver Buyers and are one in the same.

 You can also give us a quick call at 813-789-4734 to make sure we are open during our regular scheduled business hours.  

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