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Sterling Silver Holloware

We like to buy sterling silver hollowware.   We want all tea & coffee sets, goblets, candlesticks,

candelabrums, picture frames, bowls, plates, vases and more.  

We especially like Tiffany, Gorham Martele, Reed & Barton Francis 1st, Towle Old Master, 

Wallace Grande Baroque, Galmer, Kirk Repousse, Stieff Rose, Gorham Chantilly, Gorham Strasbourg, Gorham Buttercup and many others.

Can be in any condition.  We use silversmiths to restore damaged hollowware for resale if worthwhile.

Tiffany tea set
Tiffany Sterling Silver Holloware

Tiffany hollowware is by far our most popular sterling silver desired by our customers.   Some of the better patterns like Audubon, English King, Chrysanthemum and Olympian are ones we can pay big money on typically depending on the type of piece.    

martele Gorham silver
Gorham Martele 

Gorham Martele is sterling silver holloware that is hand made silver where a typical piece took 50 hours or longer to produce.  It is highly sought after and we are strong buyers for any of these rare and valuable pieces.

repousse Kirk water pitcher
Repousse Sterling Silver Holloware

Repousse style holloware is still very much in demand.   If you have any Kirk Stieff Repousse Holloware we are happy to make you offers as we have thousands of customers that are looking for these items.

Rare Tiffany Silver Epergne
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