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Is my Silver Plated Flatware or Hollowware worth anything?

Is my Silver Plated Flatware or Hollowware worth anything?

As a general rule, most silver plated items are not worth much.

However, there are some exceptions. Please read on: From a metals stand point, there is very little silver on any silver plated items. The typical thickness of silver plating on pieces is between 10-30 microns of silver. Unless the price of silver skyrockets to above $50 or higher, it is usually not going to be cost economical to try and extract the silver content through a refining process. The cost to refine would out weigh the return on investment.

Sterling silver is still usually the first choice of most collectors and individual consumers. However, there is still some consumer demand for silver plated items, especially by those how cannot fully afford real silver.

There is also still demand for silver plated pieces for commercial use. Plated items are commonly used in upscale hotels and very fine restaurants. Silver plated pieces are the standard choice since there is a very large volume of pieces that are required for servicing hundreds of customers. Catering businesses also use silver plated items like serving bowls, chafing dishes and platters to give the appearance of a much grander and more expensive presentation.

Unfortunately, the overall aggregate demand for silver plated in the past few years and decades has dropped very substantially. At one time even 20-30 years ago a 5 place setting of silver plated flatware brand new would retail for $75 and estate used setting would go for around $35. Today, with the exception of Christofle of France, there are few to no manufacturers that even make silver plated flatware pieces brand new. For 5 piece place settings estate or used, many go now for as little as $5- $15 per setting. You can also usually find huge amounts of silver plate in antique shops and thrift shops in bins that run .50 cent to $1 a piece.

With retails price almost next to nothing, that is not good news to potential sellers of such items. Many owners of silver plate just donate their items to charities or put them in a garage sale. Most antique and metals shops won't even offer to buy silver plate anymore.

However, before you give away your silver plate in a garage sale or donate it to a thrift store, there are some exceptions that might be worth your time and effort to research.

Silver Plate Worth More Money: - The following is a list of silver plate that is potentially worth more money than just fifty cents to a dollar a piece, and might be worth your time research on Google or on Ebay:

  1. Christofle of France - Anything marked Christofle is worth more and typically retails between $10-$30 each on flatware and $20-$1000 a piece on hollowware items.

  2. French Made - Anything silver plate made in France is also usually worth more money.

  3. 1847 Rogers Patterns - Some 1847 Rogers Brothers Patterns like Eternally Yours, Heritage, Daffodil and a few others can potentially be worth a premium as in $2-$5 each retail.

  4. Baroque - Any pieces of Baroque by Wallace are more valuable worth from $20- $500 retail.

  5. Reed & Barton - Most Reed & Barton plated flatware and hollowware is typically worth more, especially if a more ornate pattern.

  6. Elkington and English - Some English Silver Plated pieces are worth more, especially if it is marked Elkington - which is basically the Tiffany & Company of England. Very elaborated plated pieces made by Elkington with multiple metal colors can go for big money.

  7. Tiffany - Any Tiffany Silver Plated items will definitely be worth more money.

  8. Georg Jensen - Any Georg Jensen of Denmark items that are silver plate fetch a premium.

  9. Gorham Patterns - Gorham silver plated patterns of hollowware like Chantilly, Strasbourg and some others are typically worth more.

  10. Old Sheffield Plate - Any older Sheffield Plated items from the the 1850's and older will also be worth a premium.

  11. Grape Patterns - Vintage Grape patterns in silver plate are usually more valuable.

Silver Plated that is near worthless: - Silver Plated that you are safe to dispose of or donate to your favorite charity:

  1. Corroded or showing green - if the plate is shot, it pretty safe to get rid of. Many times you can just throw in the garbage.

  2. Plain Patterns - If it a plain pattern that is not in a premium category as listed above, you are safe to donate it.

  3. Made in China - If the item says made in China on the back, there is no resale value typically.

  4. Monogrammed - If your items are monogrammed or inscribed in any way, this is usually the end of the road on value for resale.

  5. Most Large Coffee and Tea Services - Unless these are of a premium brand or are very ornate all over the item and not just a little trim on a border, 99% are just safe to give away and donate.

  6. Most Chafing Dishes - Most of these are cheaply made and 99% you can safely donate.

  7. Most Punch Bowls - Unless very ornate, most plated punch bowls can be donated.

We hope our article on the values of silver plated helps you out on self evaluating your silver plated hollowware and flatware items.

We hope you enjoyed our article on silver plated values!

Let us know if you have any other questions or comments. You can email us directly or leaves comments down below.

Thanks,Greg Arbutine

Sterling Silver Buyers Owner

Sterling Silver Buyers
Sterling Silver Buyers

Sterling Silver Buyers wants to purchase your sterling silver flatware and hollowware! Please sell your silverware items to Sterling Silver Buyers!

We also do consider purchasing some high end silver plated items as well, mostly the ones we had listed as being worth more money.

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