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Is Mixed Metal Silver Worth any more money?

Is Mixed Metal Silver Worth any more money? The answer is yes.

Typically any piece of silverware or hollowware that has mix of both sterling silver along with copper, brass, gold, iron or Shakudo will fetch a substantial premium over in above the going rates for normal silver items that are not embellished with additional metal types.

Here is a list of value ranges for mixed metals by manufacturer:

Gorham Mixed Metal Tankard

Los Castillo Mixed Metal Serving Tray

Gorham Mixed Metal Water Pitcher

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Thanks,Greg Arbutine

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Sterling Silver Buyers
Sterling Silver Buyers

Sterling Silver Buyers wants to purchase your mixed metal sterling silver flatware and hollowware items! Please sell your sterling silver items to Sterling Silver Buyers!

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Mar 25
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Great article on mixed metal silver values!

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