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Buying Sterling Silver Flatware and Holloware

Paying Top Dollar on Sterling Silver


Need to find out the value of your sterling silver?  Sterling Silver Buyers will happily give you our fair and expert quotes at no charge to you.   With our decades of experience we can can quickly ascertain the relevant market value of your silver items and make a fair market  offer accordingly.


We are not a scrap only buyer.  If you have sterling silver that is not common and worth a  premium, we are able to pay more based on its potential resale market value in the antique silver marketplace.   Our experts follow the market closely and will know exactly how to evaluate your premium or rare pieces of sterling silver.


If you are local to us in Salt Lake City, Utah you may bring your sterling silver items directly to us in person.   If you are not local, you can mail in your items to us.   Upon receiving them we will promptly evaluate and make offers.  You are welcome to send us inventory lists and photos in advance if you would like exact offers.

We Buy Sterling Silver


Sterling Silver Buyers
is your top dollar buyer
for all things sterling silver. 

We want to purchase all and any Sterling silver flatware including silver sets made by Tiffany, Georg Jensen, Buccellati, Gorham, Reed & Barton, Towle, Wallace, International, Lunt, Kirk Stieff, Alvin and many more.  

We want to buy all Hollowware wanted including Tea Sets, Goblets, Trays, Compotes, Salt & Pepper Shakers, Candelabras, Candleabrums, Vases, Jars, Lighters, Trophies, nut dishes and more.

Sterling Silver can be in any condition beat up to brand new, monograms are okay as well.

We also buy all foreign sterling silver from England, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Japan, Mexico, Peru, Portugal, The Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, Russia, China, Austria, Australia,  

 and any other countries.



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